Friday, March 19, 2010

You Want Flies With That?

"Proof, says the American nutritionist who took these photographs, that it contains so many preservatives that it is bad for the children it is aimed at.
Joann Bruso said: 'Food is supposed to decompose, go bad and smell foul eventually. The fact that it has not decomposed shows you how unhealthy it is for children.'
Mrs Bruso left the Happy Meal uncovered on a shelf at her home near Denver, Colorado, to see what would happen. She has revealed the results on her blog, in which she gives healthy eating advice to parents.
The 62-year-old, who has eight grandchildren, admitted that the arid temperature of her home near the Rocky Mountains meant there was little moisture in the air with which to speed decomposition.

But she added that during the year-long experiment, no flies or other insects were attracted to the food.
She said: 'I had the windows open many times, but flies and other insects just ignored the Happy Meal. What does that tell you, if they can't be bothered with it?
'Food is broken down into its essential nutrients in our bodies and turned into fuel. Our children grow strong bodies when they eat real food.
'If flies ignore a Happy Meal and microbes don't decompose it, then your child's body can't properly metabolise it either.
'Now you know why it's called junk food."


Blogger Nina said...

someone performed a similar experiment with a mcd burger a few years ago w/the same results. a friend of mine knows a mcd employee who said they also put sugar on just about everything on their menu, including the lettuce (i always wondered why their wilty green stuff tasted so sweet).

20/3/10 10:10 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It's a stretch to call it food. Sure, it LOOKS like food and TASTES like it could be food, but is it really?
I liken it to the things in advertisements, where they spruce up what they're trying to sell with glue and paint and such. Looks all yummy but you don't wanna eat it.

20/3/10 10:28 PM  

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