Friday, November 27, 2009

Garbage Disposal Set On Cruise Control

Americans Toss Out 40 Percent of All Food

"U.S. residents are wasting food like never before.
While many Americans feasted on turkey and all the fixings yesterday, a new study finds food waste per person has shot up 50 percent since 1974. Some 1,400 calories worth of food is discarded per person each day, which adds up to 150 trillion calories a year.
The study finds that about 40 percent of all the food produced in the United States is tossed out."

some people have issues with food consumption


Anonymous discount coupons said...

!400 calories ..its too large..

28/11/09 1:44 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

That's an amazing amount of food, dc. Probably as much as a good percentage of the world's population gets to eat every day.

28/11/09 4:34 AM  
OpenID dad2059 said...

Wasting that much food is criminal.

Street people would love to eat that stuff.

Maybe you ought to do a post about the increase in dumpster diving?

Hell, we all might need tips on that soon enough!

28/11/09 2:49 PM  

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