Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reason For Municipal Money Making Scheme Exposed As Lie

Doesn't stop them from doing it a lot more.

Chicago's red-light cameras don't always deter accidents

"Cars and trucks slammed into each other 28 times at Western Avenue and 63rd Street in 2006, the year before the Daley administration installed red-light cameras there in the name of safety. In 2008, the year after cameras went in, accidents at the Southwest Side intersection soared to 42, according to state data.It was not an aberration.
Cameras are said to reduce accidents, but collision records compiled by the Illinois Department of Transportation indicate that accidents increased at many city intersections the year after red-light cameras were installed."

"By year's end red-light cameras will be installed at 189 Chicago intersections, the most of any big U.S. city."


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