Monday, November 23, 2009

Perfect Example Of How MSM Is Mind Control

Support for legalizing marijuana grows rapidly around U.S. - Approval for medical use expands alongside criticism of prohibition

"The same day they rejected a gay marriage ballot measure, residents of Maine voted overwhelmingly to allow the sale of medical marijuana over the counter at state-licensed dispensaries.
Later in the month, the American Medical Association reversed a longtime position and urged the federal government to remove marijuana from Schedule One of the Controlled Substances Act, which equates it with heroin.
A few days later, advocates for easing marijuana laws left their biannual strategy conference with plans to press ahead on all fronts -- state law, ballot measures, and court -- in a movement that for the first time in decades appeared to be gaining ground.
"This issue is breaking out in a remarkably rapid way now," said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. "Public opinion is changing very, very rapidly."

This "report" from the Washington Post is more thinly diguised psychological conditioning to influence, ie manipulate, public consciousness. Our overlords and their media whores have had decades of practice doing this, and they're masters at it.

What they do is insinuate a priori garbage as actual fact to prod you to believe their made up assumptions. Here's an example - we've all heard, ad nauseum, that Ahmadinejad wants to "wipe Israel off the map", a deliberate mistranslation to demonize Iran and reiterate Israel's permanent state of victimhood status. It doesn't matter how many times it's been pointed out that that's not what Iran's president said, MSM just repeats it again and again as if it was established fact.

In the above screed they want you to believe that there's a sea change in how people view the psychotropic aspects of cannabis. Total bullshit. You and I and just about everybody else have always known marijuana laws have been unjust fascist crap and should never have been instituted in the first place. They're trying to convince the unwary that all of a sudden there's a huge shift in opinion about people getting high and that sometime soon, in a little while, just about there, a majority of useless eaters will probably at some point favor legalization. Whoa.

Wanna know what's really going on?
The drug war scam has been very, very lucrative to the scumbags. After all, pretending to pass "laws" protecting the population from drugs and then making sure you have a lock on smuggling those drugs around makes it certain that drug prices stay high for you. You can guarantee yourself huge profits. Posturing as defenders of public morality and health puts a lot of tax money in your pocket while you systematically eliminate your competition. Filling the jails with drug busts gives you a great resume as a staunch defender of justice. Prison populations are great union busting sources of cheap, forced labor. Your police state fantasies come true as you fuck the constitution in the throat.

But there's a problem now. The peasants are restless. Your sweet ride has to change a little because the greatest depression is making people nervous and worried even though Fox is working double overtime to convince them what they're going through is just a minor bump in the road. So what do you do? You legalize some innocuous vegetable material that should never have been made illegal in the first place, stuff that everybody knows is harmless, and pretend that it's a giant leap for mankind.

With this propaganda they want us to think there's this huge shift in public perception and there isn't one. Support for complete legalization has always been overwhelming. This is a tactical policy change by our would be controllers to do certain things. For one, it's impossible anymore to maintain the illusion that pot is harmful. For another, they've always known that getting high will pacify, and they know the mood in this country, especially after eight years of Bush mob hell on earth and the largest financial theft in human history, is getting extremely volitile. Our overlords would like nothing better than to see the rabble crashing on the sofa in front of the tube rather than organizing or out on the streets raising cain. They've apparently decided that now it's more important to let the great unwashed get high than to keep using prohibition as a money making machine and a stepping stone to fascism.

After all, they've already got their police state and are going to fill the jails with political prisoners instead of stoners, so now they want to tax the fuck out of legalized weed, dude.


Anonymous nick z said...

Nolo, I understand exactly what you are saying.

But despite the ulterior motives, you can't discount the fact that Americans have been pushing for decriminalization and legalization for decades and during the last decade, the internet has given that effort more collective power than it has ever had before.

I like to think of this effect as something more than an ulterior tactic. I like to think of it as a consolation for the failure of the neocon's imperial designs. They wouldn't be acknowledging the need for cutting the budget in the war on drugs if their imperial plans had been 100 percent successful.

Furthermore, don't believe that stereotype about the stoner as a couch-potato, it's bullshit. The only reason why stoners spend so much time on couches is because they have to get their heads straight on exactly what it is they want to do before they can do it.

Mums the word, dude. We're not talking when the walls are listening.

24/11/09 9:44 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well, the way I look at it nick is that absolutely nothing has changed except official attitude towards pot legalization and I think we're in agreement on that. We all want it
decriminalized. We've always wanted it legal and we (the people) have always seen through the scam.
I guess we have a difference of opinion about why we're seeing an apparent shift in official attitude and MSM pieces like this. I doubt if it's any kind of acknowledgement of failure. I always try to remember the fascst goal is total enslavement and everything they do is to further that agenda.

If we see that weed restrictions will all of a sudden be eased, to me it means it's just part of their plans somehow,
and as the economy crashes and burns, it most probably entails revenue.

I guess you don't agree about the pacification aspect of legalizing getting high, but there's historical precedence, and believe me it was very hard for me to accept it because of my own extensive drug usage. Whether or not releasing (and probably pushing) weed as a legal substance will achieve their pacification goals is debatable but they've been willing to go this path.
Most of the LSD in the 60s and 70s was made and distributed by the CIA to diffuse political activism. Of course waking
people up and making them aware has come full circle to haunt the control freaks but blowback never seems to concern them.
You can probably lump flooding cities' mean streets with crack in the 80s into their history of pushing drugs for
political purpose. I see no benevolence whatsoever in whatever they have planned for marijuana. Rather, it's much
more likely another cynical ploy to try to sudue hostility and volatility and make a buck at the same time.

24/11/09 6:55 PM  
Anonymous nick z said...

I'll be sure to take it into account, if cannabis is actually legalized or decrimmed to the point where it can have such an effect. I do agree that they will try to use it to control people just not sure it will work out that way. Stoners hate it when somebody manipulates them against their will.

Cannabis isn't LSD or Crack, it doesn't have the same extreme psychotropic effects. Used responsibly, it won't turn a person into a complete zombie.

25/11/09 9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr know said,
First of all thank you for your reporting this info to the world,kudos,secondly because of a long term health problem I imbibe responsibly every day depending on pain levels with my docs authority for 9 years now,which is a healthy alternative to big pharmcorp,but like anything else it becomes tiresome eventually. Not to say I am complaining either,it is better than nothing at all. And I am not stoned on the couch of life either,I am pissed as hell to the total usurption of america,its people and wealth currently ongoing.There is a definite agenda going on at this very second like nolo says,and belive younme brother the agenda is far worse than even we know and its just going to get worse I'm afraid.
and simply because someone is using does not mean they cannot be aware, pissed as hell at the system and out there fighting it in their own way. if that's what the big dudes/dudettes are thinking, they're wrong.

wake up people! smell the explosion going off in front of your face.

27/11/09 4:30 PM  
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