Sunday, November 22, 2009

Joseph Moshe H1N1 Ukraine Plague Warning


Anonymous nick z said...

Scary stuff.

22/11/09 2:22 PM  
Blogger notepad publishing said...

Joseph Moshe and the UHF bioweapon vaccine- Some known facts


This is a quote from an article published November 22 2009 at Digital Journal:

'The dramatic arrest of Joseph Moshe has sparked a lot of interest in his identity. Moshe has made some serious allegations regarding the intentions of a biomedical firm to spread Ukrainian Hemorrhagic Fever through the Swine flu vaccine. '

'Where is he?
What’s his legal status?
Does he have legal representation?
What does officialdom have to say on the subject of the arrest, charges laid, etc?
If 911 suspects are entitled to due process, so is Moshe. Where is it?
Conspiracy theories, dumb as most are, aren’t illegal. If the arrest is based on a conspiracy theory, why?
Wrongful arrest is a serious issue in this case because of the amount of force used. There’s no indication from the appallingly little information available that Moshe’s “misdemeanor” warranted such use of force.
If you're looking for conspiracies, what do you do when you see one?'

23/11/09 1:31 AM  

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