Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cowardly Losers Get No Condolences

No sympathy to warriors who can't take being the bad guys.

White House policy: No letter to families of military suicides

"Washington (CNN) -- Gregg Keesling chooses his words carefully when he talks about the death of his son, Spc. Chancellor Keesling.
As far as he's concerned, the soldier didn't "take his own life" or "commit suicide."
His son "died by suicide," Keesling insists -- and he has his reasons why.
When 25-year old Chancellor Keesling shot himself in Iraq on June 19, his family received much support from the military and local officials. Gregg Keesling's son was given the honor afforded to a fallen service member.
The Keesling family went to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to watch as his body was flown back to Indiana six days later. At his burial, seven rifles fired three times each, in true military tradition.
Later, the soldier's aunt created a memorial wall in the family's Indianapolis living room. On the wall hangs Spc. Keesling's uniform, the U.S. flag that was handed to his mother, Jannett, after the service and the Indianapolis flag that flew over the state Capitol in his honor.
Yet there's an empty spot on the wall for an honor that never arrived: a letter from the president.
Gregg Keesling wanted to know why, especially after hearing President Obama talk about how he struggled to write letters to the families of each and every soldier killed in the war.
After pressing for an answer, the family found out the truth: There would be no condolence letter."

US military suicide rate at record high

"American troops are taking their own lives in the largest numbers since records began to be kept in 1980."

quick - arrest this man for defacing an american flag


Anonymous nick z said...

They should say to hell with Obama and settle for a letter of condolence from their favorite Congress-person. Whoever that may be, he or she might have a chance at the WH in the near future (if it survives that long).

29/11/09 8:06 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

The O administration looks worse by the day, doesn't it?

29/11/09 8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe someday you gung-ho fools will wake up. You love war so much go or go back. Then after awhile, let's see what's left of your minds.

28/12/09 4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we don't love war, we go to war so anonymous COWARDS like you don't have to.

so you can sit behind your computer screen, under the blanket of safety WE PROVIDE and smugly insult us.

you're not worth my anger or any more of my time you piece of shit.

24/2/11 12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that's what they tell you shen they send you to die?

Disgusting amerilards go to war to steal and pillage oil of other countries.

Honor the man in the photo, he's an human being worth of respect.

15/1/13 4:49 PM  

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