Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turkish President Speaks Truth About Israel

Erdogan:Focus on Israeli nukes not Iran N energy program

"The Turkish president has condemned Western countries' focus on Iran's nuclear program, stressing that the world should deal with Israel's nuclear weapons instead. Turkey's "Radikal" newspaper on Sunday reported that Recep Tayyip Erdogan's strong comments against Israel's nuclear program was similar to his "one minute" stance in Davos in January when he walked out of a televised debate with his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres. Erdogan told reporters in New York that Iran's nuclear program is not aimed at "military ends". The Turkish president noted that Israel has "nuclear weapons" and has used "phosphorous bombs" against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. "Why these are not on the agenda? It is always Iran…" Erdogan told reporters in New York. "If only Iran is put on the world agenda, then we may neglect other issues such as the Gaza [conflict] that should be addressed," he said."

He really should watch his back after saying such things.
Oh, that's right.

Turkish media expose Mossad plan to assassinate Erdogan

"A Turkish paper said last month that Israel was striving hard to topple and oust the government of Erdogan because of its support for the Palestinian cause."


Blogger Devin said...

Man -I am hoping Erdogan will be all right-god forbid should anyone speak the truth in our Brave New World!!

3/10/09 5:47 PM  

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