Monday, September 28, 2009

Standoff In Honduras Getting Much Uglier

Exactly three months ago President Manuel Zelaya Rosales of Honduras was ousted in a coup by fascist elements closely tied to the US. A week ago he quietly returned from exile in Nicaragua and took refuge at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa.

Funny how the traitorous elements cite the Honduran constitution to defend their action but have since suspended that very same body of laws.
Everybody in Latin America knows Zelaya is the legitimate president and they also know the coup plotters have a chummy relationship to the american government and spook agencies, although Washington is doing it's best to appear innocent.
A little hard to do when the secretary of state is head of a corporation that sponsors the coup leaders. And when the plane that flew Zelaya out of the country stopped to refuel at Palmerola, a hotbed of US military and spooks.
And what do you know, lo and behold, america's bestest little buddy is carrying water for the O administration and is neck deep in helping to install the fascist regime down there.

Israeli Commandos with Experience in Palestine and Colombia are Training the Honduran Armed Forces

(translation) "Yesterday CODEH put out a news release denouncing a variety of things, among them that Micheletti’s de facto government has contracted with Israeli commandos or people to train the Honduran military/police forces. What we know from the civil war in Colombia is that these commandos have also been advising the Colombian military forces. What are the Israelis doing here?
Andrés Pavón (AP): Until now what we know is that their mission is to prepare the Armed Forces and the police to aggressively and violently dissuade the demonstrations, by committing crimes of a selective nature in order to build fear, staged terror, and achieve a dismantling of the resistance."

Life inside the embassy is uncomfortable, to say the least. the coup ringleader Roberto Micheletti cut off electricity and water and ringed the place with troops that deny anyone access. Zelaya and his family share four rooms with around forty government officils. But it's the criminal activity happening outside that's the real danger. The coup has decided to endanger the health of everyone in the building with acoustic, electromagnetic and chemical attacks.

"While acoustics weapons have been used over the past several days, on Friday the Armed Forces sprayed the Embassy with poisonous gases and by some accounts pumped them into the building through the drainage system. The Honduran News Network reports that First Lady Xiomara Castro de Zelaya climbed a ladder to ascertain the source of the attacks and was sprayed with chemicals. She and others in the Embassy are reportedly experiencing bleeding as a result of the effects of the chemicals.
Father Andres Tamayo described the situation to Radio Progreso, "Over a thousand soldiers in front (of the Embassy) left and returned with a cistern and helicopters spraying gases. There are also neighbors that lent their houses to spray these things and house the military. They have placed pipes to spread the gases. We feel a tightness in our stomachs and throat, vomiting, dizziness and some people are urinating blood. There are more than a thousand people around here and at this moment all we can do is drink a little milk."

Not surprisingly our little terror state buddy is helping the coup leaders in their war crimes:

Israeli Firms Sell Toxins to Honduras Putschists

"New York - Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas denounced that two Israeli companies supplied putschists with the toxic gases thrown inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where President Manuel Zelaya is staying."We have received information that the chemicals and arms have been supplied by Alfacom and Intercom companies, owned by Israeli Yehuda Leitner," Rodas said in press conference in thit city.After putschists soldiers threw gases inside the embassy, nearly 80 people have had headaches, vomiting, diarrhoeas, and nose bleeding over the last hours.Dr. Mauricio Castellano stated that air samples taken in the embassy's surroundings had high concentrations of hydrogen cyanide, which obstructs breathing when it gets in contact with iron levels in the blood.Rodas, who is attending the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations, called for the international community to send a medical mission to her country to examine those poisoned."

This whole sorry episode is just once again money and power protecting it's priveledge at the expense of latin american people. Zelaya was too supportive of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), a competitor to the Free Trade Area of the Americas dominated by the US. He stated just before the coup that he wanted to move Tegucigalpa's international airport, a dangerous place to fly, to that Palmerola airbase with it's long runways, thus upsetting the cozy military relationship with american spy agencies and their probable drug running. Any talk of workers' health and rights made certain elements uncomfortable, according to Wayne Madsen - "Many of Canada's mining companies in Honduras, especially those involved in gold mining, are linked to Israeli investors."
Like Goldcorp's San Martin mine.

The coup plotters have suspended civil liberties, installed curfews and gave the Brazilian embassy ten days to hand Zelaya over. To his credit "Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva responded, saying that his government "doesn't accept ultimatums from coup-plotters."
There have been ten people killed and a lot injured. Massive demonstrations are planned this week against the fascists.
Almost eight million Hondurans are not stupid and realize the sinister forces at work that stole their democracy and would keep them in chains if the fascists get away with this.


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