Monday, September 28, 2009

"...Thrifty, Brave, Clean And Warmongering"

Fertile ground for the recruiters, since they already march around in uniforms, have rank and salute a lot.

They also must be salivating at the thought of when the depression really kicks in.

Jamboree Used by Military, Police to Indoctrinate Boy Scouts

"Instead of an old-fashioned Boy Scout event of camping and outdoor activities, the attendees were subjected to unrelenting military and police propaganda.
The Scout Master immediately noticed the presence of the Wisconsin Army National Guard and police at the event. The next day, he observed Humvees, troop vehicles, cargo vehicles, a patriot missile battery truck, and other military equipment at the event.

The police demonstrated “chase and takedown demonstrations” and showed off a new SWAT vehicle. “There were several military displays,” he writes. “The National Guard had a Baghdad combat simulator setup that people 16 and older could try. Three people at a time were allowed in, one person got to man a machine gun on a vehicle, another got an M16/AR15 [while] the other person got a 9mm pistol. You were simulating going through the streets of Baghdad trying to kill terrorists, militants etc. There were also civilians you were supposed to either avoid shooting or determine if they were a terrorist. There was an Army Blackhawk helicopter that showed up and circled the area and then landed for people to go look at and get into and talk to the Army pilots.”

“I have to tell you I was scared to death of what is getting ready to happen to scouting. I told my son who was with me at the show to listen for certain things and don’t buy into what was being said. I felt like I was in 1940’s Nazi Germany and was being prepared for indoctrination.”


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