Saturday, September 26, 2009

Germany Ripe For False Flag Attack

Terror threats prompt flight ban over Oktoberfest

"BERLIN – German authorities banned all flights over Munich's annual Oktoberfest beer festival on Saturday after a series of Islamic terror threats targeted Germany for its role in Afghanistan."
""Given the current security situation, we view a flight ban as necessary," the top security official in the state of Bavaria, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, said Saturday.
Oktoberfest has been targeted in the past — Saturday's festival opened with a minute of silence to honor the victims of a bomb attack that killed 13 people and injured 200 others on Sept. 26, 1980

Exactly seven years ago virtually no one in Australia except for the Howard regime wanted to get on board the Bush mob's bus to invade and occupy Iraq. Something had to be done to quiet the protests and enable the pro zionist government to throw it's lot in with the Bush mob the following year.
On October 12 several powerful bombs were set off in Bali killing about 180 people. Bali was and is a hotspot of partying tourists and curiously Australians were targeted that night although plenty of americans were just down the strip. The bombing is too complicated to get into right now, but suffice to say it did the trick to allow Howard to scream terror and back Bush and his warmongers with their invasion the following March, despite ongoing protests.

Flash forward to today. After Germany's involvement in that tanker massacre on September 3 where about a hundred Afghanis were burned alive, Germans are having big second thoughts about being in Afghanistan. The country has over 4000 troops there, and pulling out would be bad mojo for the occupiers. Nothing would help keep them there fighting "terrorism" better than a convenient false flag bomb or two, especially since the parlimentary election is tomorrow and the Germans are smack dab in the middle of Oktoberfest, with millions of tourists in country.


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