Saturday, September 26, 2009

Care For An Injection With That Erection?

"Amid the shiny stripper poles, strobe-lit stages and scantily-clad performers at Rachel's Gentlemen's Club, you'll find Barbara and Sylvia, two old beauties who come for the free food and flu shots -- and stay for the ambiance.
"I love it, I want to know where the girls got those sexy stockings that stop up here. I need some of those," said Sylvia.
Every year around this time, the flesh den in the small town of Castleberry, north of Orlando, offers the shots in a setting way more exciting than a sterile doctor's office.
And the return of the complimentary lunch buffet has geriatrics coming in droves."
"It's Rachel's sixth year of offering the shots, which includes the lunch buffet free for seniors and veterans, as well as all Casselberry residents and city employees.
The gray hairs don't seem to mind the skin show."



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