Thursday, September 24, 2009

Empire's Compliance Toy

About 40 grams of payload

"The department uses a yellow Kevlar sack resembling a sock. It''s rounded, unlike other types that have flat edges and can penetrate a person. Those have been known to be fatal.
The bags are fired at 280 feet per second, packing a punch comparable to being hit by a major league pitcher''s fastball, Myers said.
He demonstrated the power of the bag on the cinderblock wall of the department firing range office.
From five yards away, closer than the gun would be used in an actual situation, Myers hit the same spot on the wall three times. The third shot punched a hole the size of a half-dollar through the cinderblock.
"Now you know why it''s called ''less lethal'' and not ''non-lethal,''" Verhaar said."


Blogger Devin said...

Man-the faster this empire is tossed into the dustbin -the better off the world will be for it-I don't know why I think this-but I do think that somehow -someway evil is punished -maybe that is simply a puerile/wishful statement -but I need to believe it sometimes-best to you as always!!

25/9/09 3:53 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Devin, it's hard sometimes but we always have to remember they sow the seeds of their own destruction. My big worry at this stage is that they'll take the entire planet down when they fall, they're that sick.

25/9/09 8:29 PM  
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