Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Price Of Weed

Prices vary depending on consumer proximity to the Mexican Border, with the exception of California where weed is pretty steep. This means that southern states enjoy lower prices than the northeast and the midwest. This is what they call Southern Comfort...
The cheapest state in almost all categories is definitely, and unsurprisingly, Texas. Prices for an ounce of Schwag (Mexican dirt weed) go as low as $40, an ounce of skunk - $65, and an ounce of hydro could be around $100 - compared to $300-400 in many other states.
New Mexico is also very cheap ($60 1oz schwag).
Some of the more expensive states are Illinois, Indiana, Massachussetts and New Hampshire.
In New York City, Many types of weed are available, particularly highs such as hydros, skunks, diesels and also hashes. Price depends on the quality and usually well worth the investment.

Did you know?
According to the DEA, Americans smoke 5,000,000 pounds of weed every year.


OpenID dad2059 said...


The good ol' days.

Probably if I gave up taking all this crappy shit the VA prescribes and start smoking a bag of weed a week, I'd feel better.

But they piss test here at work.

Rat bastards.

24/9/09 7:09 AM  
Anonymous nick z said...

Unless a person has really xolent connections that are always accessible, looking for a bag is risky as hell, cuz you never know who you can trust and rats and snitches are everywhere.

There's a video at the right now in which the DoJ exposes the fact that the Patriot Act powers have been overly exploited to fight the war on drugs and I can guess how high a percentage of those warrantless invasions and busts were for merely weed.

It needs to be legal and regulated. So long as it is illegal, all the people who buy it can be treated like a criminal underclass by the fascist govt. Man, they love that kind of power. Friggin fascist control-freaks!

24/9/09 8:27 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

In my yute I smoked a ton o' stuff but since a motorcycle crash a dozen years ago my poor lungs are a no smoke zone. You're probably right about substituting, dad.
There's a certain woman in my life who because of a car wreck decades ago which tore her back to shreds, benefits mightily from the theraputic effects of cannabis.
Of course at our age it's impossible to procure, as you mention nick.

The conspiracy to outlaw pot ranks right up there with the worst of fascist outrages. It's a mutilayered, manufactured "problem", best exposed by the fascinating and wonderful "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer.

24/9/09 5:55 PM  

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