Monday, September 28, 2009

Can't Find Any Protesters

So they attack bystanders and pedestrians.
They want to make you run at the sight of them. That way it will justify pursuit and arrest. After all, you would't be running if you didn't have something to hide.
This is the interface now between the overlords and the people. Their legions of stooges and minions have been told to exert overwhelming force at all times to instill fear. This will attract the worst psycho scumbags and criminal thugs to become authority's kneecappers, a situation more than welcomed by the power mad fascists in the oligarchy..


Anonymous greencrow said...


What part of the "Pennsylvania Crimes Code" were they in violation of? I would like to see the actual section. Can you reprint it?

Also, who was the "disembodied voice"? Who was that person? Did that person actually have the authority to speak to the citizens like that? He should have identified himself. He should have stated what authority he was acting under.

This whole business looks very illegal to me.


28/9/09 9:35 PM  
Anonymous nick z said...

This whole business looks very illegal to me.

This is the US Empire. Military Force is the law, no matter what some words on paper say in some legal books. Like the thug said, "Whatta you gonna do about it?"

They want us to fight. They are bullies and they like violence, especially when they have all the armor and we have next to nothing.

29/9/09 6:44 AM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

From what I am reading this morning, it looks like the real "hard core" demonstrators were all undercover cops trying to instigate trouble. per usual.


29/9/09 7:13 AM  
Blogger Devin said...

I agree-i think agents provocateurs were around trying to foment trouble-these guys would be perfectly at home in an SS uniform-what a bunch of shitbag psycotics!!

3/10/09 5:50 PM  

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