Saturday, May 30, 2009

Usual Suspects Blow Up Iranian Mosque

19 Killed in Blast at Shi'ite Mosque in Iran

"Iran's official news agency says a suicide attack killed 19 people and wounded 125 others at a Shi'ite mosque in Zahedan, the capital of Sistan-Baluchistan province near Iran's border with Pakistan.Provincial governor Ali-Mohammed Azad told the IRNA news agency the bombing Thursday was a terrorist act, and that the government has already arrested the perpetrators."

Iran officials accuse US over mosque bombing

"Iranian officials accused the United States on Friday of "hiring" those behind a suicide bombing of a Shiite mosque that killed 25 people, linking the attack to next month's presidential election.
"Three people involved with the terrorist incident were arrested," said Jalal Sayah, deputy governor of Sistan-Baluchestan, the province bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan where the attack took place.
"According to the information obtained they were hired by America and the agents of the arrogance," Sayah told the Fars news agency. Officials usually use the term "global arrogance" to refer to Iran arch-foe the United States.
Interior Minister Sadegh Mahsooli also pointed the finger towards the United States and Israel."

"The terror agents are neither Sunni nor Shiite but American and Israeli seeking a Sunni-Shiite divide."

In Iraq Sunnis and Shiia weren't at each others' throats until the epidemic of false flag mosque bombings, something devout muslims held as unthinkable, but what the Mossad takes great joy in accomplishing.

Chris Floyd has more on the ongoing american terror campaign in Iran:

"Of course, it is no mystery why the attack on the mosque in Zahedan -- a city situated at the strategic point where the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan converge -- attracted so little attention in the Western press. Every day, we are schooled relentlessly by our political and media classes to regard the Iranians -- heirs to one of the world's oldest and most sophisticated civilizations -- as demons and subhumans, whose lives are of little account. This can be seen in the long-running debate over an attack on Iran, which focuses almost entirely on the advantages or disadvantages such an assault would pose for American and Israeli interests -- and not at all on the thousands of human beings living in Iran who would be killed in the operation.
But There is another reason why the terrorist attack in Zahedan has not been greeted with commiserations from the White House or excited coverage from our government-spoonfed media: because it is highly likely that the United States played a role in fomenting the attack, either by direct or by collateral hand."

added - Bomb found on Iranian passenger plane

"TEHRAN, May 31 (UPI) -- An Iranian Kish Air passenger flight returned safely to Ahvaz airport after a crew member found a bomb in the plane's toilet, authorities said. The bomb was discovered late Saturday as the plane was en route to Tehran from Khuzestan province with 131 aboard, Iran's Fars news agency reported."


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