Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another In A long List Of Manufactured Enemies

Doublespeak on North Korea

""Obama Calls on World to ‘Stand Up To’ North Korea” read the headline. The United States, Obama said, was determined to protect “the peace and security of the world.”
Shades of doublespeak, doublethink, 1984.
North Korea is a small place. China alone could snuff it out in a few minutes. Yet, the president of the US thinks that nothing less than the entire world is a match for North Korea.
We are witnessing the Washington gangsters construct yet another threat like Slobodan Milosevic, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, John Walker Lindh, Hamdi, Padilla, Sami Al-Arian, Hamas, Mahkmoud Ahmadinejad, and the hapless detainees demonized by the US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld as “the 700 most dangerous terrorists on the face of the earth,” who were tortured for six years at Gitmo only to be quietly released. Just another mistake, sorry.
The military/security complex that rules America, together with the Israel Lobby and the financial banksters, needs a long list of dangerous enemies to keep the taxpayers’ money flowing into its coffers.
The Homeland Security lobby is dependent on endless threats to convince Americans that they must forego civil liberty in order to be safe and secure."

"So who exactly is ratcheting up tensions in this situation? North Korea, which is conducting tests and has not threatened to initiate the unprovoked use of whatever weapons it might be able to deliver sometime, somewhere -- or the U.S. and South Korea, which are threatening "to intercept ships suspected of aiding nuclear proliferation"? The seizure of ships of a sovereign nation is certainly an act of war. When such seizure is predicated on suspicion, perhaps well-grounded, perhaps supported by absolutely nothing, we have moved into utter lawlessness.
But the U.S. and its allies always represent Pure and Unalloyed Good, Now and Forevermore. And North Korea is Ultimate Evil; never mind the Ultimate Evil about which the United States claimed to have equally certain knowledge yesterday or all the days before that. Pure and Unalloyed Good does not require reasons. How shabbily unenlightened of you to demand otherwise.
War-mongering of this kind never fails to resonate with the Good and Virtuous American People."


Blogger Devin said...

This article was rather prescient of something I read in a thriller/mystery that was published in 1999-well before sept 11-a character is thinking to himself about the violence in Los Angeles and thinks something along the lines of "maybe we americans need communism back-without an external enemy we turn on each other" - with what i know now I thought that thinking-albeit in a work of fiction-was very sad-best as always to you and the Mrs-still recuperating and will try to get caught up on other articles soon!!

28/5/09 9:02 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

"If communists didn't exist we would have had to invent them."

Two decades ago a WSJ reporter named Jonathon Kwitny wrote a book called Endless Enemies which was a very good explanation of the process. If I remember he didn't even mention the Hegelian dialectic, didn't have to because back then the trusting american sheep didn't yet have to be hit over the head by a 2x4 like 9/11. They just believed and accepted the government's line and bought the enemies du jour. But this is what all despotic regimes do and have always done to gain our acquiescence - make us fear/hate some trumped up external country/movement.

And they're desperate at this point for a war, any war.

28/5/09 11:31 PM  

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