Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gaza Students Lose Fulbright Scholarships


Our best little buddy in the middle east refuses to let them leave the concentration camp

"The US state department has withdrawn its Fulbright scholarships from seven Palestinian students from Gaza because they are unable to obtain Israeli permission to leave the small strip of land.
The students were told in a letter from the US consulate general in Jerusalem, dated Thursday and seen by the Guardian, that the state department "will not be able to finalise your Fulbright Student Scholarship for 2008". No explanation was given, but the students were told to apply again next year, when they would be given "priority consideration" but with no guarantee that the scholarships would be awarded again.

added - several hours after this hit media and blog scrutiny, Israel reversed it's policy.

"On Saturday night Israeli officials said the students would be allowed to leave for their studies."

They hate like hell for the world to see their treatment of the palestinians.


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