Friday, May 30, 2008

Gas Prices Outstrip Card Limits

Credit limit at pumps sometimes won't cover a fill up

"LOS ANGELES — As if sky-high gasoline prices weren't frustrating enough, many owners of thirsty SUVs, pickups and motor homes who use a credit card at the pump are being blocked from getting a full tank.
That's because many station operators have a $75 limit on Visa
or MasterCard transactions at the pump.
If motorists hit the limit, they must do a second transaction at the pump to finish filling. Another solution, though inconvenient: Go see the attendant to have the card swiped inside. But this information often is not on the pump, and it can be aggravating even if it is, so customers are venting their ire.

I have a double tank in one of my pickups and this would indeed suck. But I think the card companies secretly like this annoyance. Say you're $50 from your credit limit and the card doesn't have a reject function at your credit limit. They'll get to penalize multiple transactions instead of one big one.
Regular is over $4 in my area now.


OpenID expatbrian said...

I agree with your take on the credit card companies. Penalty fees and interest are both revenue. But I can't sympathize with the pain of 4 dollar gas. Its still about the cheapest gasoline on the planet. Like many places, here in Singapore we're paying 2 dollars a liter, which is over 8 dollars a gal. And trust me, it wont be too long until you're paying that too.

31/5/08 3:31 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Oh you bet Brian, and the vacation season has just begun. Now that the corporations are bringing it in hand over fist the price will never go down and they'll use the least of excuses to keep raising it.

1/6/08 2:11 AM  

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