Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coalition Of The Billing

Your tax money to lie to you.

Empire Bribes It's Cohorts To Make It Look Like Iraq Subjugation Is A Team Effort

"NEW DELHI: The tale of massive fraud and embezzlement of millions of dollars by the US military in its operations in Iraq continues. Testifying before the US Congress Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on 22 May, Mary Ugone, deputy inspector general of accounts in the Pentagon said that an audit of $8.2 billion spending related to the Iraq war showed that $7.8 billion had been improperly spent.
Over 180,000 payments, mostly since the war started in 2003, were made by the defense department to contractors for everything from bottled water to vehicles to transportation services.
In her testimony, Ugone also revealed that $135 million were given to forces from three countries UK, South Korea and Poland to facilitate their participation in the war. This is the first time that the US has officially admitted paying its allies in the so-called Coalition of the Willing that invaded Iraq in March 2003."


Blogger spooked said...

$135 million is small potatoes though-- either these guys are cheap or there's a lot more of these payments that haven't been admitted to.

31/5/08 7:10 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Good point, maybe some other quid quo pro.

1/6/08 2:06 AM  

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