Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is The Government Deliberately Making The Situation Worse In The Drought Stricken South?

First, the very real and very bad news for Atlanta.

Atlanta Suffers as Southeast Drought Continues

"An unprecedented drought stretching across the southeastern United States has forced some of the region's largest cities to declare water emergencies.
The situation has become so serious that officials in Atlanta, where rainfall totals are more than 16 inches below normal, said they could run out of drinking water in a matter of weeks."

Then there is this.

Governor sues Army Corps over water

"The governor's office claims the amount of water the corps sends downstream is about double what Mother Nature would provide to federally protected mussels living in Florida's Apalachicola River. The corps releases a large amount of water from Lanier to protect the species and provide for a power plant in Florida, even as metro Atlanta faces a historic drought that threatens drinking water supplies.
In the lawsuit, filed late Friday in Jacksonville, the state contends "that the risk that the system will be drained of all or nearly all conservation storage is not speculative and it is not remote.
"In fact, the projections upon which this motion is based come directly from the corps

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is busy draining Lake Lanier, which supplies fresh drinking water to much of northern Georgia, in the midst of an unprecedented and extremely severe southeastern drought? The Corps is still essentially draining the lake even after it "mistakenly" relased 22 billion gallons in June at the start of the drought, a six month supply of drinking water.


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