Friday, October 19, 2007

U.S. Colonel Faced Life for Aiding That Guy Who Was Called Saddam

Could have gotten death sentence for acting in a humane way

"Oct 17 - A U.S. Army officer will discover this week whether he will spend the rest of his life in prison for, among other charges, providing a jailed Saddam Hussein with hair dye and Cuban cigars.

Lieutenant Colonel William Steele, 52, an Army reservist from Prince George, Va., is being tried by court-martial at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, where from 2005 he was the commanding officer of Camp Cropper, the maximum security military jail where Saddam was kept until he was sentenced to death and hanged in December. He is accused of aiding the enemy and is only the second officer to be charged with the offense since the beginning of the Iraq war.

Guy is acquitted of "aiding the enemy" but is convicted on trumped up lesser stuff

"CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq — A former American commander at the Iraqi jail that held Saddam Hussein was acquitted today of aiding the enemy but sentenced to two years imprisonment for convictions on other charges — far less time than he could have received.
Lieutenant Colonel William Steele, 52, of Prince George, Va., had faced a life sentence if convicted of accusations he allowed prisoners use of his cell phone for unmonitored calls

That'll teach other personnel not to disregard the Abu Ghraib standard of conduct.


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