Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mark Your Calendar

When Girls Are Mean: Understanding Relational Aggression And Female Bullying - November 1, Mississagua, Ontario
Understanding the terrors of that, you know, psychological warfare.

International Rubber Expo - November 1-3, Udaipur, India
Build the perfect tire swing.

Festival of the Wind - October 31 - November 4, Calvi, France
All wind sports (kites, ballooning, bungee, hang-gliding) are on the agenda

Bald Eagle Festival - November 7-11, Haines, Alaska
Watch 3000 bald eagles rip salmon carcasses to pieces.

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10th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration - November 13-16, Zeeland, Netherlands
And clambake?

Incontinence, The Engineering Challenge - November 15, London, England
Fluid mechanics, neurophysiology, is there a lot more than meets the eye?

International Pineapple Symposium - November 18-23, Paraíba, Brazil

Monkey Banquet Festival - November 25, Lop Buri, Thailand
Locals prepare a huge feast for the monkeys, wild simian food fight ensues.


Blogger Keith said...

I see you too enjoy the Discover magazine! Way to go!
I am just learning about web pages and was going to use the same content as 'hands on training."

Really like the Iraq Cost Clock!
Not that I like the amount, just that you included it on your site.

29/10/07 4:05 PM  
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