Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Priori Godliness And Purity

Despicable lamestream media will always have you believe the united states is blameless, faultless, pure as the wind driven snow, always wearing the white hat, always acting in everybody's best interests. It's a shameless 24/7 propaganda war for your mind.

The fascists understand that the vast majority of people will momentarily, if they do it at all, scan the news headlines and a few brief sentences and look at a picture or two before their tiny attantion span is exhausted and they go on to something else. The propagandists therefore make sure the message that you'll get is that the criminal scum who have stolen this country are in control and are at their saintly best in Doing The Right Thing. Because they know they don't have much time to get this point across, their efforts are increasingly transparent and infantile.

So you'll get loaded headines like these

Obstacles Stall Rice's Mideast Diplomacy - automatically assuming the warmonger would bring Peace On Earth if only the ragheads would let her.

Rice in fresh push for peace

Rice treads carefully towards peace deal

And just in case you don't see that Israel is joined at the hip to the US in this angelic effort, check out the flag porn:

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