Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Day, More Indiscriminate Murder In Iraq

It gets so unbearable on a daily basis it makes me want to puke. It follows the same path virtually every time. The US military drones make a statement in a matter-of-fact language along the lines of X number of militants/criminals/insurgents/Al Qaeda killed in an operation to defeat those bad guys.

"In Sadr City, the U.S. military said "an estimated 49 criminals" were killed in three separate engagements during a raid targeting a suspected rogue Shiite militia leader specializing in kidnapping operations for which he sought funding from Iran."

I like how they managed to gratuitously insert Iran into the report.
But always new versions come out immediately from Iraqi government officials and witnesses that tell a radically different version of events.

"We were waking in the morning and all of a sudden rockets landed in the house and the children were screaming," it quoted a woman as saying.
An official loyal to Moqtada Sadr said the attack was "simply barbaric".
"Most of those killed and wounded were women, children and elderly men which shows the indiscriminate monstrosity of the attacks on this crowded area," Abdul-Mehdi al-Muteyri told Reuters news agency."

It appears that US forces were ordered to attack a crowded area in heavily populated Sadr City with helicopter gunships and started a firefight with residents who fought back. The whole bloodbath was initiated by the occupiers yet again, and I for one will believe the witnesses, local officials and hospital personnel who tell of mangled babies and grandmothers instead of the fucking military. Of course the final words on the newest horror, aside from the continued anguished reports from the war crime scene, are always a dismissive banality that's repeated ad nauseum by the sickening MSM as our military prepares it's next "surgical" operation:

"Ground forces reported they were unaware of any innocent civilians being killed as a result of this operation," the military said in the updated statement."


Anonymous abi said...

I just posted on this same story. It amazes me how Christian America has come to complacently accept this kind of cold-blooded brutality.

21/10/07 8:44 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

We've sunk so low in the past several years, haven't we? Just sickening stories, one after another as the country is deliberately kicked into a cesspit and bludgeoned.

21/10/07 9:16 PM  

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