Saturday, June 16, 2007

Manufacturing Crises "R" Us

There was a terrific book that came out in the mid eighties by a former Wall Street Journal reporter named Jonathan Kwitny called "Endless Enemies: Americas Worldwide War Against Its Own Best Interests." It's a fascinating expose of how the fascists operate in world affairs summed up in it's subtitle "The Making Of An Unfriendly World."

Our authoritarian state loves it's enemies and strives to create and support them to justify egregious acts and keep people duly afraid and submissive. That's the way authoritarian states work. Of course this is completely opposite what the country is supposed to stand for and what emanates from politicians pieholes, but just a cursory glance at real history shows this time after time. Filthy MSM outlets perpetuate the lie that this country is always caught by surprise as it lurches from crisis to crisis. In reality america manipulates events into bloody confrontations because there's profit to be had from chaos. Lots of profit.

I was reminded of Kwitny's book by an essay at Antiwar called "Bush Faces Crises from Palestine to Pakistan"
It tells the trail of woes throughout the middle east and south asia as flashpoints erupt and anger swells at US foreign policy. It fails to fully address the real problem which is the actual intent to have things turn out in horrible ways, and relies on false assumptions like this paragraph about our favorite bogeymen:
"al-Qaeda today is a global operation – with a well-oiled propaganda machine based in Pakistan, a secondary but independent base in Iraq, and an expanding reach in Europe," wrote Bruce Riedel, a former high-level Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst, in Foreign Affairs magazine last month."
Well he oughta know, "Al Qaeda", that CIA front organization, that shadowy omnipotent threat that pops up at the most propitious times to further the fascist agenda, is doing very well because it's so useful to our overlords. It's newest incarnation is in sub sahel Africa where a massive secret military force and their proxies are busy setting the stage for resource grab battling Al Qaeda terrorists.

ORDO AB CHAO and all that, only the order that comes from all this chaos will benefit the pot-stirrers quite handsomely at the expense of everybody in the region except Israel. The fascists have always done this but what's changed is the brazen openness of their provocations as if it doesn't matter anymore that the world knows what they're doing. From the deliberate dismantling of Iraqi society, to arming Fatah in Palestine to war against Hamas, to funding and arming terrorist groups against Iran, to assassination in Lebanon, to arming Sunni insurgents to attack Shiites, to false flag attacks everywhere, this is the busy season for Machiavellian Mass Murder.

This violence and hatred isn't just an unfortunate outcome of mistakes in foreign policy. To the manipulators it's the precursor to further dismemberment of the region to install puppet regimes and own the resources. This isn't that famous unforeseen blowback from poorly thought out foreign policy decisions. This is our foreign policy, and there's a lot more to come. This is what Kindasleezy Rice said last year as Israel mercilessly (with america's help) demolished Lebanon and killed anything that moved, describing the slaughter as "birth pangs":

"This is a different Middle East. It's a new Middle East. It's hard, We're going through a very violent time."

She should know.


Anonymous km artlu said...

Mr. Lipstick,

I've been following your postings for a few months now. The astute clarity which first attracted me seems to now be honing to an even finer edge. This one is, sad to say, exemplary. Your work is very much appreciated.

16/6/07 11:36 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thank you km artlu, but I think I'm just pointing out the obvious.

17/6/07 9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The big corporate fascists don't even try to hide their tyrannical aims for global domination anymore.

I suppose it's cuz they feel confident that nobody can stop them. All I can think of is the big bully standing over some poor fool that is getting mad, saying, "What're YOU gonna do about it?"

Let's hope that blatant arrogance leads to their downfall.

Nick Z.

17/6/07 9:44 AM  

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