Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Special Ops Blows Up Samarra Mosque Again

Within hours after the first time this mosque was blown up last year the attack was immediately blamed on the mythical 'Al Qaeda' menace. The corrupt MSM launched into their propaganda right on cue as if given the signal, a lot like 9/11 where Osama was fingered before the twin towers even fell. That's the tip off for the astute observer - it's like a switch is thrown and the noise machine begins, most times using the same terminology, blaming the same patsies and planting the bogus crap repetitively.

Witnesses said the night before the two blasts in the morning last year the Iraqi National Guard and american forces had controlled the area around the mosque. Forensic evidence could have helped determine the type of explosive and the sophistication of the demolition but that was never done. Special ops then went on a killing spree to sow chaos and the MSM dutifully reported it as a civil war or sectarian violence. So 'Al Qaeda' did it, but how 'Al Qaeda' would benefit from blowing up a shrine and the murder of thousands of innocent Iraqis instead of concentrating on the occupation is one of life's little mysteries.

So this year the mosques minarets were blown up, perhaps to inject a little energy into that sectarian violence meme, and it's not hard to see more innocent people getting blown to pieces to reinforce the idiot reason that americans are still in Iraq because the job isn't done yet. Plus when the corpses pile up it has the added bonus of painting the swarthy hordes as violence prone barbarians who deserve our cluster bomb largesse. Serves 'em right.

The one thing in our favor in sorting out this garbage is that when it used to take weeks to get at the truth, now it takes hours. There are simply too many aware and active people out there now to pull the wool over our eyes for very long. They've already started in on the ~ blaming Al Qaeda garbage ~, more bloodthirsty occupation antics can't be too far behind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad this blog is enlightened about false-flag ops. I used to be a regular visitor at Crooks and Liars, until I mentioned false-flag ops in a couple of comment posts and they were deleted.

Crooks and Liars, apparently, won't touch anything about false-flag ops. They claim there is "no evidence" of any such ops, even though there is quite a lot. They appear to be a "democratic denial" blog.

I thought it was damn punk-ass for them to take that stand.

Nick Z.

13/6/07 2:37 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Oh man Nick - do I agree with you. I used to enjoy C&L for taking the bandwith to present videos, and still do, but came across evidence that the site is basically a left gatekeeper who wants to confine discussion to narrow parameters. Now I see it all too often there.

13/6/07 8:49 PM  

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