Thursday, June 14, 2007

CNN Censors Itself, Hides The Truth

Over at Infowars, Alex Jones caught CNN in a bit of revisionism while 'reporting' on the second bombing of that Shiite mosque in Samarra, Iraq. Apparently they didn't get that directive from their masters to spin the story in the appropriate manner, that is to pump the story that Iraqis are a religiously savage bunch who are engaged in a civil war. Which is why the occupation should continue.
I'm getting the distinct impression that we're about to see a lot of violence all over the middle east. It seems to me the zio/fascists are about to unleash a series of false flag attacks that will be blamed on the designated patsies and it could be segued into a broader regional war. If this happens we need to bear in mind that the vast majority of the people involved don't want it to happen, it's only very few who'll benefit from their own actions.

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"COMMENT: Now CNN has changed the damning 'inside job' headline ( see SCREEN SHOT ) to a more disguised story that downplays significance. CNN replaced the link and effectively killed the story that this is the 2nd FALSE-FLAG bombing of the Golden mosque ( see Feb 2006 )-- one of Iraq's most holy places. Both were believed to have been carried out in part by Iraqi forces and directed by Western intelligence. Such self-inflicted violence is only used as a tool to enrage the opposition and further perpetuate the Iraq War. Of course, it just came out that the U.S. is arming Sunni insurgents 'to fight al-Qaeda'-- further evidence that the West seeks to extend the war. Naturally, the bombing has already led to retaliation-- a desired and planned response."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice how the story never actually suggests that the US military or US forces had anything to do with it. It points the finger at the Iraqi government as the "insiders" responsible.

I don't think this was any slip up. I think this was CNN's way of drawing more attention to the story, just to blame Iraqis as the "insiders", when we know that's probly BS.

In effect, it never actually even suggests who was really behind it; the Mossad, US Special Forces, and a few local Kurds that know the lingo and fake the roles well. As for Al Qaeda or Sunnis, the idea that such Muslim fundies would deliberately destroy a sacred Mosque is absurd.

Nick Z.

17/6/07 9:35 AM  

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