Friday, May 25, 2007

New Cia Comic Book Found

(fox link/satire alert) ‘How-to’ Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods
"The Defense Department recently released disturbing images and cartoons showing how to torture a captive found by American forces during a raid on a Al Qaeda safe house a few weeks ago. They also found photos of tortured Iraqi victims."

Ever looking for a way to justify the vicious occupation of Iraq and even to expand their war on the middle east, spook agencies decided to pretend to find evidence of 'Al Qaeda' torture to wave around. They know that the corrupted MSM will gleefully pounce on this lurid crap and that the dwindling numbers of war enthusiasts will point to it as an excuse to continue the carnage. Coupled with pathetic attempts to lump all the ragheads together as a swarthy, dangerous bunch, it's a psyop campaign to drum up support for war on Iran, which sadly too many braindead people will swallow. Fear works wonders.

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here the spooks grabbed all the tools they could find from car trunks and machine shops

Of course this isn't anything new. Way back in the 60s and 70s the FBI had a little program called Cointelpro which was a covert operation to shatter legitimate dissent in the US. Those bra burning feminists, anti war protesters and gay rights advocates had to be stopped at all costs. In the case of black power supporters led by the Black Panther movement, the FBI phonied up a booklet purported to be a how-to manual drawn up by the Panthers themselves:

"This coloring book, which was purported to be from the Black Panthers, had actually been rejected by them when it was brought to them by a man later revealed to have intelligence connections. Not to be troubled by the fact that the Panthers found the coloring book revolting, the FBI added even more offensive illustrations, and mass mailed it across America. It so infuriated the white population that they stopped listening to the legitimate grievances of the black people."

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Flash forward to the Saint Reagan era when toppling the Sandanista government in Nicaragua was foremost in US foreign policy. Their egalitarian social programs were a direct threat to the oppressive US backed thug regimes in the region and this threat of a good example had to be smashed at all costs:

"In the early 1980s, the right-wing Reagan U.S. Government was determined to undermine or overthrow the leftist government of Nicaragua. As part of this campaign, the Central Intelligence Agency produced a small illustrated booklet in both Spanish and English designed to destabilise the Nicaraguan Government and economic system. It instructed dissaffected individuals on acts of sabotage they could carry out to this end."

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Notice with this instruction manual the creators projected their preconceived notions of lazy spicks from their racist minds.
This sort of cartoon crap was done many times in the past. The fascist mindset is that if you have some degree of success then repeat ad nauseum. It becomes their modus operandi, and if you see through the smokescreen of their propaganda it's actually sophomoric idiocy.
Collect the whole set!

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