Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Morphing Into A Region Wide War

It used to be that fascists were anything but shy about strutting their stuff and goosing their steps for the masses at home. They loved to dress up in all those insignias and overtly display authority and power for their people to see. These days the authoritarians are a lot more sly about display; they prefer to work their skulduggery behind the scenes and present an officious and responsible image to the country. Of course the end result is the same misery for intended targets but the home audience is lulled into a complacent acceptance. This same deception is apparently used to disguise the nasty business of world conquest.

That 'surge' was presented as a temporary continuation of 'pacifying' Bahgdad but has turned into an open ended escalation that might eventually reach Vietnam levels. That's what the fascists wanted all along but since they lie about everything they couldn't come out and tell us that. Rest assured they'll create "incidents" to justify a more massive presence. Spineless, cowardly democrats just rolled over and gave a blank check to BushCo to do what they want.

This buildup will be used to expand the war to include Shiite Sadrists this summer...
"As reported by the World Socialist Web Site on May 22, the Pentagon is considering mounting a major military offensive against Sadr City sometime after June 1, when the fifth and final brigade mobilized for the military “surge” in Iraq is in place. The article drew attention to a Washington Post report that said, “If political avenues are exhausted, the US military has formulated other options, including plans for a wholesale clearing operation in Sadr City that would require a much larger force ...”
but they won't tell us that either. This drive to include Muqtada al-Sadr and his followers isn't new - the US tried to assasinate the guy in 2004.

Which brings us right to Iran. It's been 'leaked' to the media that Little Boots authorized a roundabout sneaky war on that country, something which in saner times would get him impeached and thrown in jail, but it's only what the spooks have been doing all along. Next we get a bullshit piece of propaganda from the Guardian assuring us that Iranians are all set to join forces with 'Al Qaeda' (wink wink) and drive the US from the middle east this summer. A convenient piece of timing, with stupid assertions that will go right over most american heads but will leave them with the requisite understanding that all those ragheads are in it together.

It was always Iran. A lot of people, including me, assumed that we would be handed a splashy false flag incident and then the fireworks would start. But it's possible too many people will question antics like that these days. They still might, say, sink a battleship to create the flashpoint, however it could be that the deceptive tactics mentioned above will come into play and we'll just gradually segue into a war on Iran by degrees. Chris Floyd makes a good case that all the necessary entanglements are already in place and it's just a matter of timing:

"Many observers keep looking at the U.S. naval build-up in the Persian Gulf as a likely flashpoint -- and it's obvious that the Bushists are bellying around the Gulf like drunks at a bar, spoiling for a fight -- but it's on the ground, in the murk and blood and rape of Iraq, that the pretext is likely to arise."

Spoiling for a fight indeed. The news today - US Shakes It's Dick Towards Iran, Bellows


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