Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It Was Always A Deliberate, Gargantuan Lie

Friday, 7 February, 2003 - Rumsfeld foresees swift Iraq war
""It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months," he said, speaking at the American air base at Aviano, in northern Italy."

Spineless cowards drop insistence on Iraq withdrawal timeline
"Scrambling to send President Bush an emergency war spending bill he will sign, Democratic leaders have decided to drop their insistence on a timeline for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq.

Bush could double force by Christmas
"(05-22) 04:00 PDT Washington -- The Bush administration is quietly on track to nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year, an analysis of Pentagon deployment orders showed Monday."

Pentagon Studies Long-Term Commitment in Iraq
"..the Pentagon is considering maintaining a core group of forces in Iraq, possibly for decades."


Blogger Laurie said...

“We know we did not have an exit strategy in the invasion of Iraq because we didn’t intend to leave. We are in the process right now of building fourteen permanent bases in Iraq.”—Chalmers Johnson, CIA, 1967-1973, in Why We Fight

23/5/07 3:10 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Absolutely correct. All they wanted to do was to establish a presence - they knew that getting into the country was the easy part and extricating them was going to be very difficult. Iraq is just a springboard or stepping stone.

23/5/07 5:39 AM  

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