Friday, May 25, 2007

Golden Arches Tired Of Being Dissed

McDonald's feelings are hurt, get's all pouty over the term McJob

"Fast-food giant McDonald's has launched a petition to get the dictionary definition of a McJob changed.
The Oxford English Dictionary currently describes a McJob as "an unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects."

Representatives dressed in clown suits went on to sniff that the word McJob was "out of date and insulting."

In other McDonald's news, reactions are mixed about their "Happy Meal Condoms" campaign:

"Grandpa Rowan Hutch told The Dominion Post newspaper it was lucky his wife was first to look inside the small sports bag that came with the meal.
She was aghast when she found the green condom and its packet inside the bag, he said."I was pretty horrified really. The fact my granddaughter was going to look in the bag and find this thing. It would be difficult to explain, she's only seven," said Hutch."

However feedback is overwhelmingly positive for the firm's "Happy Meal 'n Weed" offering:

"Ottawa Police Chief Brian Zeilmann says a man and his three children went through a McDonald's drive-through Tuesday to order Happy Meals. Zeilmann says one of the children - an 8-year-old girl - got a lighter, pipe, and bag of marijuana in her Happy Meal."

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