Monday, January 29, 2007

Name The False Flag Incident

William Rivers Pitt, in his piece A Cornered Animal :

"Question: What is the connection between a possible American attack on Iran and the perjury trial of I. Lewis Libby?
Answer: Vice President Dick Cheney

Indeed. Most people know that the real president has been Cheney, not the pretend self proclaimed Deciderer. Some say Cheney has been Bush' ventriloquist. Some say they placed the Crawford moron in his position as a convenient lightning rod to deflect criticism for all the disasters we've seen, as sort of an inside joke. I wouldn't disagree.

But now because of the Libby trial Shooter's garnering a lot of attention as being in the middle of treasonous activity. It's very possible that he may be forced to testify. Cheney has stated publicly he won't, even if subpoenaed. That would bring on a constitutional crisis and all hell would break loose.

One thing that's written in granite in the fascist playbook is that things should always appear to happen externally to be capitalized politically, not vice versa. Start wars, get the bump in polls. Pull off 9/11 and pass fascist legislation. Don't get involved in dirty political brawls because it will weaken your ability to manipulate and control. They've had a free ride since Black Tuesday but with americans slowly coming out of their coma and the Libby thing threatening to expose lies and corruption, they need to knock their troubles off the front page.

Enter the long term plan for war with Iran. I thought they'd start their wider regional conflict around the midterms, so did Pitt:
"Wariness over a potential American attack on Iran has been on the rise for months. This wariness became outright fear in certain circles as last November's midterms approached; the idea of an Iran assault being used as the "October Surprise" to change the electoral geometry was bandied about extensively. No such attack came, but attention has not wandered far from the possibility since." Some things blindsided the fascist agenda and war was delayed for months. But since serious preparations have been at fever pitch lately it's more of a possibility now than ever before. A false flag event, some sort of synthetic terror blamed on you know who would kick start it nicely. But what would it be?

Gulf of Tonkin 2 - The US has crowded the 5th fleet into the Persian Gulf and another strike force is joining them. The situation is ripe to sink a ship or two and it's bombs away.

Domestic Terror - Most probably involving radiation because you'd have to trump the awfulness 9/11. A dirty bomb would be dandy as the fear factor would be worth many times the cost of small material damage, but some say Israel has a number of nukes already stashed around the country and the clock is ticking.

Hot Pursuit - Iranian involvement in Iraq 'proven', clashes begin with 'Iranians in Iraq', US planes downed by 'Iranians', a few artillery shells are lobbed, maybe something along the lines of the Gleiwitz incident, more shock and awe in Tehran.

Assasination - The corrupt MSM would have a field day whipping up murderous fervor if some american politician(s) happened to unfortunately, say, get blown up in middair.

Any others?


Blogger PeterofLoneTree said...

"Gulf of Tonkin 2 - The US has crowded the 5th fleet into the Persian Gulf and another strike force is joining them. The situation is ripe to sink a ship or two and it's bombs away."

And the 21,500 "troop surge" in Iraq is the "smokescreen" for the above naval deployment. Over the weekend I was noticing that the MSM, which couldn't very well ignore the protest march in Washington, kept identifying the protest display as an "anti-Iraq-war" effort. Sorta like the MSM giving their docile readers the impression that the folks on the march were protesting that they were sick and tired of a dirty war and would be content with a clean war where we were clearly the victor.

And to think that the third real job I ever applied for (and didn't get) was that of a journalist. I mighta lasted 6 months if I'd gotten it. Maybe.

29/1/07 5:31 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Good point about media twisting the anti war intentions, notice how they also screwed with the numbers?
It's just plain sick that we'e forced to read between the lines as an out of control mob plans war on the world.

29/1/07 7:06 AM  
Blogger stonefruit said...

Looks like it is on. And the sheeple could care less.

4/2/07 9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we arrange and re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic body-politic, I just want to reaffirm to all and/or to no one, that I believe that there is a "higher power"--a Creator in whose image we are created and by Whom we have been endowed with UNalienable rights. I further believe that HE is in the process of gathering the "remant" of those who "worship in spirit and in truth". Having made my confession, I would like to add that I also believe that we, collectively, are in for a VERY rough ride--through which some of us aren't going to make to the end. I refer you to a salient quote from Michael Ignatieff: "There is a truth in the brutal simplicities of the merciless which the more complicated truth of the merciful is helpless to refute."
Best luck to you all. Keep the individual Faith. And may The Force be with you.

Tracytricia in TX

4/2/07 9:16 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I hear you about that rough ride, Tracytricia and it's going to be very bad.

4/2/07 11:44 PM  

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