Sunday, November 19, 2006

Perfect Storm Building In Persian Gulf

"The Persian Gulf perfect storm: Israel preemptively attacks Iran's nuclear facililities, Iran retaliates directly against Israel, U.S. launches massive attack on Iran, Hezbollah and Syria attack Israel ~ WW III : Allen L Roland

The gale force winds of war are blowing in the Persian Gulf and all the signs are there ~ if you take the blinders off."

Roland goes on to list 10 warning signs of impending catastrophe. Two more things though.

After two weeks of waiting for the dust to settle after the midterms and sifting through the debris it's become clear that there was indeed massive fraud with the electronic machines. Just not enough to counter the intense hatred of the repugs. The fascists calculated the vote rigging to narrowly put their candidates over the top but didn't count on the wave of revulsion in the last few weeks of the campaign and apparently it was too late to change the numbers. If the outcome didn't match the timetable for their agenda for war with Iran, it traps the rats even further in their corner.
With three more battle groups in the region than Roland mentions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. Keep getting out the truth, even if it's scary to think about.

19/11/06 1:45 PM  

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