Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Already Sick Of The Holidays

I think the record was Sept. 27 or 28 a couple of years ago. That was when on a nice warm day I went into some drug store nearby for something I can't remember now and saw store employees flocking their christmas tree. With the air conditioning on. Pushing back the commercial start of the holiday madness reached it's high water mark, maybe, I haven't seen it any earlier since.

Since it's a given that Xmas will also be milked by the manipulators' yanking at our emotional chains, I guess they're chomping at the bit to get their gig on too. I'll bet any day now O'relly will revive his phony "war on christmas" meme - oh wait, he already has.
Using this emotionally laden, family oriented religio/guiltridden/shoppingspree lollapalooza for nefarious purposes isn't new of course. The government has always tried to focus on doughboys and dogfaces and grunts say, with their tearful letters and pictures and videos so far away from home to hide the question of why they're in the first place.
The last few Xmases we've a new wrinkle with manufactured terror plots. Our overlords seem to find their schemes to scare us silly work better when they're packaged with the stress of the ever expanding season.

To me it's a grueling ordeal to wade through the damn season. We're hammered over the head at every turn with endless Xmassy references and chain yanks and guilt and carols. Oh how I hate the carols. And you know what? It's almost magic - the day after Xmas it's like the whole nightmarish mess from the previous three months never even happened. Except for the huge credit card bills all that phony pumping and pimping just goes poof.
Wake me up on Dec.26.


Blogger Lesley said...

Would that be the same O'Reilly that sells holiday ornaments rather than Christmas ornaments?

15/11/06 5:31 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Oh really? O'Reilly?

15/11/06 6:55 AM  
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