Saturday, November 18, 2006

Low Expectations For The Newly Ensconced

Top Democrats to Voters: Enough Already, Now Shut Up!

"You can set your watch by the speed with which the new crowd lowers expectations and announces What is Not To Be Done. Nowhere was\ there an item on the Democrats' "must do" list saying "Reverse plunge towards fascism. Rescind Patriot Act. Dump the Military Commissions Act. Restore habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights." Pelosi made haste to say: impeachment is off the table."

Entertaining any hope that the US military will be withdrawn sometime soon from Iraq? I think I'm safe in saying that's not even a distant possibility.

It took three long years for the majority of people in this country to realize the true horror of the bloody meatgrinder our overlords created. Disregarding dire warnings, blind to the contrived lies, most people stupidly trusted Bush and his war criminals and it took years to realize that, hell, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Now most people oppose the occupation and apparently overwhelmed Rovian machinations and sent democrats to congress. But since most of them were hand picked by Rahm Emanuel not to rock the boat, it looks like it's going to be dirty business as usual.

Even though the fascists have run out of excuses for our legions being in Iraq, there's always the perfect fall back position to stick around these invaded countries - the violence will never end as long as we have troops there. Our occupation will breed resistance by it's very presense thereby guaranteeing further justification for staying and even upping the ante.

The fascists will never voluntarily assess the situation soberly and do what's best for our country, the troops and the Iraqis. This Baker commission is a window dressing joke. As Justin Raimondo put's it "Put not your trust in politicians, of whatever party: they will come through only under pressure." It looks like that's sadly true with the new crop that was just elected as well.


Anonymous demeur said...

Business as usual? Not so fast. Look up "do it yourself impeachment". There are those out there who are not going to let the rethuglicans get away with this.

23/11/06 8:52 PM  

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