Thursday, November 16, 2006

We Do Not Want Democrats, We Just Hate The Republicans

Seen on Unknown News:

"An open letter to the Democrats in Congress:Congratulations. Now pay attention. Do not make the mistake of thinking the American people have chosen you to lead us. It's just that we are so fed up with the Republicans screwing this country within an inch of its life that we are willing to try anything, including getting off our fat asses and going to the polls in enough numbers to defeat the Diebold scheming Repugs.

Repeat. We do not want you, we just hate the Repugs.

Now, if you are smart, you will stay on the horse what won you the election, namely beating the Repugs like a cheap Chinese gong. Make no mistake, the majority of Americans have spoken loud and clear, and we do not like those Jesus-debased, child molesting, torture approving, influence purchasing, environment destroying, lying, scheming, insular, billionaire bastards one bit."


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