Saturday, September 09, 2006

So Mexico's electoral court, in it's final ruling, found that there weren't enough "irregularites" in the general election to annul the mess and do it over again. It seems that installing Bushista crony Felipe Calderón was a better business decision than allowing the Mexican people to select their presidential choice - López Obrador. There aren't any legal recourses left to challenge the court's decision so Obrador will take the extraordinary step of setting up a parallel government on September 16. When that happens they're in uncharted waters.

The high court's decision doesn't come as much of a surprise. Mexico's corruption can be labelled a national pathology - it's probably a result of the 71 year long reign of the PRI, the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which institutionalized corruption. The same forces that allowed election theft in the past helped their boy Calderón to steal this one, along with generous help from the US embassy.

Which of course is great news for the proponents of the Nasco super corrider, the biggest transportation project since Eisenhower started the interstate system. You don't hear much about it and for good reason. It stinks. It directly threatens the sovereignty of the country. It's kept under the radar because if people knew more about the plan they'd oppose it. The project even has both liberals and right wingers up in arms. Initially it begins with the trans Texas corridor, and once the fascists get that precedent in place they'll expand their whopping nightmare throughout the country.

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Which of course is why Der Fuhrer nominated Mary Peters as the new transportation secretary, a staunch supporter of privatizing public highways into toll roads. She's a bushista crony who'll serve the agenda well by helping to further the monstrsity and protect the huge investments by the Carlyle group and foreign interests. Look for our existing roads to suffer under her reign while they play this game of toll highways. So much effort is going into it that by leaving the current roads in disrepair and choked with traffic, they figure you'll want to travel on that spiffy new freeway, even paying premium toll fees.

Which of course is why the fascists hate Amtrack. Sockpuppet not only wants to cut subsidies, he wants to end them.

Kind of all ties together, don't it?


Blogger Carlos Du said...

I am a student of Mexico and I support Andres Manuel Lopez obrador because he´s the real winner of the electoral competition. In my country the corruption imposed the victory of Calderón but the people are annoyed by this fact.

Next September 16 I and a lot of people are going to protest in the zocalo in mexico city supporting Andres Manuel Lopez obrador

9/9/06 11:58 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Carlos, what is going to happen when AMLO begins the parallel government? What do you think Calderón will do about that?

10/9/06 7:40 AM  
Blogger Carlos Du said...

I think that Calderón will take poseción of the presidency of Mexico but without the support of the people, this fact will generate diverse problems of legitimacy and clashes, while AMLO will be who possesses the whole recognition of the people. Nevertheless I am afraid that ultimately the economic and managerial power were finishing for consumar his fraud and to impose the idea of legality

13/9/06 5:44 PM  

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