Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Planet Of The Arabs

For seventy years the western world was treated to a non stop propaganda blitz that the word "communist" was synonymous with everything you should fear and hate. After WW2 that campaign was ramped up into the cold war that sucked trillions out of our pockets and transformed the world into a corporatist armed camp. When that communist threat lost it's usefullness to the fearmongers in the 80s it was allowed to collapse and the world saw (if you had the eyes) how empty and hollow a threat it really was.

If you were the string pulling fearmongers you had nothing to worry about. By setting up phoney front organizations and pulling off false flag terror attacks for decades the western world was already primed for the next big fear campaign - terrorism. Some nebulous, bloodthirsty vaguely darkskinned types had some sort of beef and wanted to kidnap/hijack/blow you up and it could happen at any moment. All that needed to be done was to paint a face on this threat so you could recognize and hate the new enemy, and the string pullers could cash in on a new round of manipulation.

Then 9/11 was forced on us. Enter the Muslims.


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