Thursday, September 28, 2006

Black Ops in Afghanistan

It seems the Taliban was getting a little too successful in their efforts to expel foreign forces from their country. In order to retain control of the opium trade and make sure their pipeline dreams were successful, our fascists needed some things to happen.

Sockpuppet was instructed to play the host to Aghani president and former Unocal consultant Karzai at the white house the other day in the ongoing propaganda push to legitimize his puppet government. A hard task back home because the vast majority of Afghanis view him and the US backed warlords as the enemy. The luncheon with dictator Musharraf of Pakistan was one of the most awkward and cold photo ops ever seen.

Meanwhile NATO has decided to enter into total warfare mode in Afghanistan, and Von Rumsfeld is going to meet with them in the next few days.

Along with this public display of activity to subjugate the Afghani people, apparently a clandestine effort has been underway to exert control, along the lines of the Iraq model. A lot of the violence there is perpetrated by phony insurgent cells probably set up or even manned by agents from the Mossad/Cia/M15 to ratchet up the fear factor and create sectarian strife. Bombing innocent civilians is also a sure fire way to discredit legitimate resistance to occupation. Back in 2003 Von Rumsfeld himself formed a group to carry out these misssions.

"In other words--and let's say this plainly, clearly and soberly, so that no one can mistake the intention of Rumsfeld's plan--the United States government is planning to use "cover and deception" and secret military operations to provoke murderous terrorist attacks on innocent people."

It's worked so well in Iraq that in the last month or so it seems they've begun to operate in Afghanistan too. Suicide bombings were rare before, but now the numbers are increasing and civilians there, just like in Iraq, are catching hell. The Taliban and tribes in their remote locations seem to be pretty suspicious though and people are seeing through the deception as to who the killers really are.
"The fighters who occupied the Panjawi district and fought major engagements with our forces through July and August tried to distance themselves from the suicide bombers. They even posted leaflets telling local farmers and villagers that 'foreign Taliban' were responsible."
"Our council has determined that as soon as they can, they will demolish those Taliban who are linking with foreigners,” reads one letter, published in the weekly Surghar newspaper."

It's an all too familiar pattern. To subjugate an entire country you need to divide and neutralize any viable opposition, and these false flag attacks sow confusion and fear, pitting one group against the other and besmirching their stated purposes. They also wind up being the justification for your foreign presense - as in Hey, how can we leave now before we restore order? This wanton killing tends to beget more killing, putting not only civilians at risk but also the thousands of american troops that are stationed there.


Blogger ericswan said...

Keep your eye on the ball. Given the high tech available to TPTB, the guy on the bicycle that killed a few Canadian soldiers giving out candy and notepads to Afghani children last month could just as easily have been "stealth" tech bombers that are holographic carriers for suicide bombers. Nothing is as it appears.

2/10/06 8:02 AM  

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