Thursday, July 13, 2006

Is This The Middle East War Everyone Was Fearing?

Some Fox reporters were shot at during filming in the Gaza strip. Back in the studio the guy on the right clearly wasn't pleased.

Israel's attack on the Palestinians is the spark that could ignite a regional firestorm. When Israeli forces destroyed the power station in Gaza, that was the point of no return. Cutting off electricity in the middle of summer to one of the most densely populated regions of the world meant that there's only going to be escalations from now on.

The Gaza Palestinians relied on electricity for their water supply and sewage disposal. Since they have no water and electricity the hospitals there cannot function and their emergency supplies of generator fuel have surely run out.

Back prior to the first Gulf Slaughter in October, 1990 there was a hearing on capitol hill where a young girl tearfully testified that she saw Iraqi soldiers yank babies off of incubators they wanted to steal. The spectacle went a long way to convince peole to go to war with Iraq, it was also  utter bullshit. The young girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador and it was a public relations stunt.

I wonder how many helpless Palestinians, and not just babies, are suffering and dying in the hospitals there in Gaza. For real this time.

Meanwhile the Israelis seem to be pushing for WW3. The Lebanese people are next to die:

IDF aircraft bombards Beirut-Damascus highway   Don't attack Syria, Iran warns Israel    Israelis pile on the propaganda    Israel determined to drag Iran into it    Israel pounds Beirut's airport again


Blogger Lesley said...

I think the US is to blame. We have by our actions given Israel permission to do the same.

14/7/06 1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

21/7/06 11:59 PM  

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