Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who's Responsible For The Mumbai Bombings?

As of around midnite july 11 - 12 no one has come forward and claimed they did it. Some seperatist groups have vehemently denied being involved. Whenever an event like this takes place there's an immediate attempt to pin the blame on Muslims. As a matter of fact it's a knee jerk reaction by the MSM, and most people have been conditioned to expect that and to suspect the same thing themselves. But who's really behind these bloody acts of terror?

The first question I ask myself is qui bono - who benefits? Would the expected bad public relations or retaliation really be in the best interests of the purpoted terrorists? Would that terrorist act have such value that the inevitable fallout would be worth it? I don't think enough people ask this, and accept the cartoon explanations that we're handed - they're crazy/they just want to kill/they have no regard for human life. These most definately are political acts, only the official stories are flat out lies.

False flag operations are designed to make it look like someone else is responsible. Do someting, plant some evidence on someone else and then accuse him. It works great to ultimately get what you want and none of the blame. I think most, if not all of the ugly scenes from the past couple of decades have been false flags, but the most important ones have been just in the last 5 years. The fascists are busily creating a clash of civilizations.

Muslims have been the patsies since 9/11, the mother of all false flag operations. Moments after the first plane hit we were bombarded with the al queda and Osama message that hasn't let up since. They had to use that window of vulnerability to inject their fearful message and it was rammed home over and over. You could say that subsequent events could be called booster
shots of fear to allow the fascists to do things that in saner times they'd never get away with.

Here's some lowlights:

In order to maintain the fiction that there's this big, shadowy, evil menace out there, phoney "al queda groups" are formed. Usually just a bunch of agents and their dupes.

Action was needed to pave the way to invade Iraq. The Madrid bombings were an attempt to keep pro invasion Jose Aznar in power. The fascists didn't pull that one off too well and he was
booted out in favor of socialists.

Australia was the hold out of english speaking countries - the vast majority wanted no part in the coming Iraq war, so they needed a little prodding. Bali was the event to get them on board. Remember that Australians were targetted while americans, who were threatening an invasion
of a muslim country, were packed in a disco several doors down.

Russia wanted war with Chechnya and got it by murdering innocent Russians. The London bombings were a pretext for more privacy intrusions and an ID card. The list is extensive.

The gloves are off. Since 9/11 it's been pedal to the metal in trying to bring about their prison planet with these staged massacres. The message is fear and if we don't get it they'll be glad to repeat it for us. I don't know the reason for the gruesome slaughter in India, maybe it's to foment war between India and Pakistan, who knows at this point? What I do know is that you can expect the finger of blame to be pointed in the wrong direction and the official story to be a load of horseshit.


Remember, when things get rough it's good to recall what Bert the Turtle says.

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