Monday, July 10, 2006

Martini Muslims

Seen at The Gaelic Starover

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"...from the New York Daily News regarding alleged Holland Tunnel suicide plotter, Assem Hammoud:"

And if he worked hard, surely he'd earned the right to enjoy the fruits of his labor. His cousin saw thoroughly modern Hammoud as 'tall, handsome - the kind of guy you'd want to go out with. He liked to dance, to drink, to go out with young women.'

When American and Danish intelligence agents asked the Lebanese to arrest Hammoud, the Lebanese were doubtful.

'They said it can't be, he's too liberal. There was infighting over what to do,' terrorist expert and Beirut resident Fawaz Gerges told the Daily News. 'Hammoud was going to clubs every night, driving a sports car, living a decadent life,' Gerges said. 'He was told to deceive investigators by living a normal life.'"

The stage play continues to fall apart as these "terror plots" are exposed as convenient psy ops. It brings to mind the saga of Mohamed Atta, with his live in girlfriend, the boozing and the lap dances.


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