Friday, July 07, 2006

How Much of a Threat is North Korea?

A favorite tactic of the NWO propagandists is to label leaders of targetted countries as unstable madmen. Consequently Saddam was vilified this way just like Ahmadinejad in Iran and Kim Il Sung are smeared now. It's a good trick to put a face on your enemy and then proceed to toss a cream pie into it.

(As a side note, how does a nation and it's people gain the distinction of joining the "rogue nation" club? Well here's a clue - Cuba, Lybia, North Korea, Iran and the Sudan are the 5 remaining countries that DON'T have a Rothschild controlled central bank.)

Just what makes Kim Il Sung such a loose cannon? It's well known that the guy acts like any other dictator. He likes fast cars and pretty women and deigns to feast on steak with fine wines while most Koreans are reduced to eating tree bark. He rules North Korea with an iron hand. The MSM likes to fixate on his cult of personality but these traits don't set him apart from any other tyrant. I think Kim is singled out to be painted as a loon because he's been a good strategist who's been playing the US like a cheap fiddle. And he makes a good boogeyman to scare us some more.

North Korea's nuke programs go back to the mid 60s. Since then they've out manoeuvered efforts to curb their intentions. Every step of the way they've used negotiations, non negotiations, threats and bluff to acqire nuclear weapons. They've been very successful in a long term strategy to get the world acclimatized to them being a nuclear power, starting with a claim that they had nukes in 2003 and continuing with these missile tests. No one knows how many bombs they have but 10 years ago they had enough plutonium for several.

The current push at the UN to penalize North Korea for launching missiles, led by world class dipshit John Bolton, is stupid and doomed to failure anyway. It's stupid because it's based on no real threat, it's just another load of fearmongering and an excuse to give more money to defense contractors. It's just grandstanding since Russia and China will veto.

Justin Raimondo thinks the War Party should back off, that NK just wants to be left alone. That makes sense, and it's also true that belligerence against Kim will strengthen his grip on power. The small, sad, reclusive country poses no real threat to us, especially if we withdrew the american forces stationed on the Korean peninsula. It will wither and fall apart soon enough. Think of it's missile salvo as a July 4th fireworks display.

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