Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Going To War For Israel

Justin Raimondo's article at Antiwar.com examines how far down we prostrate ourselves to Israel:

"What Israel wants is what they have always wanted: to use American power, American tax dollars, and American lives to advance their own expansionist agenda. Twenty-five thousand Americans are in Lebanon at the present moment, all of them at risk from Israeli bombs – but that didn't factor into Tel Aviv's calculations, any more than Lebanese or Palestinian lives matter one whit to them. The Israelis put Israel first – and so does Washington. If all 25,000 American tourists and others have to perish in the flames of Israeli air strikes, then so be it. No sacrifice is too great – just as long as our Israel-centric foreign policy remains firmly in place."

It's just a matter of time before a regional war will commence. What we've seen of Israel's actions in the past several weeks shows clearly that what's happening in the middle east was planned for a long time. Military campaigns to annihilate an entire country's infrastructure isn't a knee jerk response to a couple of captured soldiers. And the massively complex operations underway take a long time to prepare. What we're seeing is policy unfolding.

Each bloody notch upward in violence originates from a dubious starting point. (Who actually has those soldiers? How could the arabs dig that tunnel?) That any rocket hit Haifa and killed Israelis is even open to question. If there are certain goals to be reached, then it's certain that things will happen to get there. Every step of the way is choreographed to be a logical progression, as long as helpful "events" take place with convenient timing.

Bushista non response to the evolving crisis is interesting. Aside from the usual blather about all sides showing restraint blah blah, the muted posture speaks volumes. It displays to the world where the US government stands as to Israeli war crimes. Sockpuppet and his criminal cabal aren't indifferent to what's happening and they're not immobilized by incompetence. They're waiting for their cue.

As the warfare heats up and expands it's never out of control. The driving force behind the violence is Israel and what we see is a staged and pre planned effort unfolding. A regional war to reshape the middle east is prearranged. At some point, probably not long in coming, there's going to be one of those "events" that will serve to galvanize support for Israel and have the US enter into military conflict. It has to be shocking and filthy with convenient clues littering the scene so the intended patsies will get the blame.

When it happens be prepared to see a a resurgent Codpiece Commander, full of spit and vinegar and can do spirit. After all, righteous anger can seem so much more effective when it comes from apparent surprise, which is why Bush looks like he's napping. Stay tuned for the MSM to cheer him on, support the violence and of course to assail Israel's enemies our enemies.


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