Friday, June 30, 2006

Sound Familiar?

From Wikipedia, edited.

The Gleiwitz incident was a staged (false flag) attack on 31 August, 1939 against the German radio station Gleiwitz on the eve of World War II in Europe. It was one of several actions in Operation Himmler, a German project to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany, which would be used to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland.

Much of what is known about the Gleiwitz incident comes from the sworn affidavit of Alfred Naujocks at the Nuremberg Trials.

On the night of August 31, 1939 a small group of German operatives led by Naujocks seized the Gleiwitz station and broadcasted a message in Polish that urged the Poles living in Silesia to strike against Germans. The Germans' goal was to make the attack and broadcast look like the work of anti-German Polish insurgents.

In order to make the attack scene more convincing, the Germans brought in Franciszek Honiok, a German Silesian known for sympathizing with the Poles, who had been arrested the previous day by the Gestapo. Honiok was dressed to look like an insurgent; then killed by lethal injection, given gunshot wounds, and left dead at the scene, so that he appeared to have been killed while attacking the station. His corpse was subsequently presented as proof of the attack to the police and press.
In addition to Honiok, several other convicts were kept available for this purpose. The Germans referred to them by the code phrase "Konserve" ("canned goods")...

...At the same time as the Gleiwitz attack there were other incidents orchestrated by Germany along the Polish-German border, such as house torching in the Polish Corridor and spurious propaganda output. The entire project, dubbed Operation Himmler and comprising 21 incidents in all, was intended to give the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany.

On the day following the Gleiwitz attack, 1 September 1939, Germany launched the Fall Weiss operation — the invasion of Poland — initiating World War II in Europe. In a speech in the Reichstag, Adolf Hitler cited the 21 border incidents, with three of them called very serious, as justification for Germany's "defensive" action against Poland....

Meanwhile - Israeli assault on Gaza threatens wider Middle East conflagration

and Israel Threatens to Hit Damascus


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