Thursday, June 29, 2006

Collective punishment is a War Crime

Something about the event that precipitated the current Israeli assault on Gaza didn't make any sense to me. Initial reports had it that militants dug a 1000 foot tunnel (in one report) or a dug a 2000 foot tunnel (another) to attack an Israeli military outpost. When I heard this it seemed far fetched as the IDF has the most sophisticated surveillance and detection equipment in the world. Digging a tunnel like that would have been a massive operation that would have easily been detected.

Supposedly the Hamas militants captured an IDF soldier and that's ostensibly the reason for invading Gaza.

It could all be a lie.
How can you dig a tunnel in sand dunes?

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And why would you go through all that trouble out in the middle of nowhere to attack a few soldiers?
The truth seems to be that this incident is another of those useful false flag attacks that the Mossad is famous for. Where you commit a violent act that you blame on someone else. In this instance the Zionists had planned an all out assault on the Gaza strip and probably staged a phoney terrorist act to justify it.

Dozens of Hamas officials have been arrested. The power generators were bombed, cutting electricity to hundreds of thousands. Most of Gaza's water supply and the sewage system is dependent on electricity. Israeli jets are flying low and fast over densely populated areas, terrifying the people with sonic booms. There's likely to be heavy loss of life if Gaza is invaded. Families are fleeing for their lives.

Even if palestinian militants abducted that soldier, to do this is hypocrisy to the extreme. . There are over 10,000 palestinians rotting in prison with hundreds of them women and children. The Israelis are using that one soldier as an excuse to collectively punish one million people who have already been suffering under a brutal embargo and almost daily shelling from artillery.
These are war crimes.

Update 6/30 - The detention of Hamas parliamentarians in the early hours of Thursday morning had been planned several weeks ago and received approval from Mazuz on Wednesday.


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