Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Screwed up Priorities

While the war profiteers are busy with their snuff flick in Iraq, potential disasters of immense importance to us are basically ignored.

The hurricane season started off in a hurry with Alberto drenching Florida. Forecasters are warning of another big season. this year. And it doesn't have to be a hurricaneto cause immense damage to urban areas.

In southern Florida a new study shows that the levee around Lake Okeechobee could fail at any time.
"Now engineers hired by a state agency are reporting that weaknesses in the vast dike around the lake again pose a "grave and imminent danger to the people and the environment of South Florida.
If the dike fails, the flow from the lake could submerge vast areas, threaten water supplies in much of South Florida and cause tens of billions of dollars in damage, according to the report, ordered by the South Florida Water Management District."
Tens of thousands of people would be at risk if it happened. To save money only bandaids were slapped on the levee over the years.

Today Reuters published a warning that the San Andreas fault could seriously rumble at any time. A large temblor would be unimaginably destructive.

So what do the fascists concentrate on when the american public is faced with such peril?
They make shit up about the living hell in Iraq and continue to whip up war fever about Iran.
With $300 billion pissed away (at least) and the senate debating the idiocy, no wonder they keep pounding the fear and loathing into us.


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