Monday, June 12, 2006

The Other Deaths

Mike Holmes at has a salient point that most everyone else seems to have glossed over:

"One aspect of the recent spectacular bombing death of alleged Iraqi terror leader Abu Al-Zarqaawi has thus far passed without comment. This sad fact is yet another indication of the conditioned tolerance we have absorbed regarding the ongoing killing of innocent civilians there.

We are told that along with the alleged “Mr. Big” of Iraqi terror, his “spiritual advisor” (who led the U.S. to him) was killed as well as a yet unidentified “woman and child.” The supposed spiritual advisor has not been labeled a terrorist and no one has commented on whether his death was in fact justified. As for the woman and child, no one has identified them either (at least in the western press to date)."


"Iraqi parents just have to hope that their little Iraqi loved ones don’t happen to end up underneath one of those precision guided laser bombsights of democracy… To America, those deaths don’t count, aren’t even acknowledged, much less condemned. They are just somebody else’s children who got in our way. To George Bush’s Wehrmacht, those kids don’t even exist."

Just more casual murder in the continuing Iraq catastrophe.

And there's a far larger war crime being perpetrated there right now - the obliteration of a city of 400,000 people. US forces and their vichy mercenaries have cordoned off Ramadi and residents are fleeing for their lives, but thousands are trapped there with all municipal services cut off. It seems to be a repeat of the destruction of Falluja in 2004 when the US pulverized that city, using banned weapons and killing countless numbers of innocent civilians. Nobody knows how many of course as the bulldozers were sent in to flatten what was left.

The unfolding atrocity can be seen here - Fear of Big Battle Panics Iraqi City

"This whole endeavor is so appallingly pervaded by the most blatant moral hypocrisy that one scarcely knows where to begin a denunciation, except perhaps at the moment George W. Bush ordered the invasion to begin. All the rest followed naturally and might well have been foreseen—indeed, it was foreseen, by me and by many others. Yet, at this late date, we are still being treated to mock-shocked media reports and make-believe discussions of "bad apples" and all the rest of the public-relations pretense trotted out to cloak the ongoing mass murder."
Robert Higgs


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