Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gangs Claim Their Turf in Iraq

The Chicago Sun-Times had an article that hinted at a growing gang presense in the military, and a lot of evidence shows that they're over in Iraq.

"Barfield said Army recruiters eager to meet their goals have been overlooking applicants' gang tattoos and getting waivers for criminal backgrounds.
"We're lowering our standards," Barfield said.
"A friend of mine is a recruiter," he said. "They are being told less than five tattoos is not an issue. More than five, you do a waiver saying it's not gang-related. You'll see soldiers with a six-pointed star with GD [Gangster Disciples] on the right forearm."

"Because of the extreme danger of his mission in Iraq, Stoleson said he does not relish the idea of working alongside gang members, whom he does not trust. Stoleson said he once reported to a supervisor that he suspected a company of soldiers in Iraq was rife with gang members.
"My E-8 [supervising sergeant] told me not to ruffle their feathers because they were doing a good job," he said."

It was inevitable. Deliberately lying the nation into an illegal and filthy invasion of Iraq and murdering uncounted thousands seems to have dampened enthusiasm for military service. Recruiters have lowered standards and "fixed" criminal records. Yo Eskimos! They're even signing up autistics. It seems decent, intelligent people want nothing to do with the unnecessary slaughter overseas and Uncle Sham has to pull a lot of tricks with a wink and a nod to get the numbers needed to perpetuate it. Is it any wonder that the US military doesn't concern itself with Iraqi body counts?


Blogger Recruiter said...

Since when is being in a gang considered a crime? I've seen no such law. By some definitions a high school football team could be considered a gang. How about a Eagles club? Churches? Just something to think about

8/6/06 10:19 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

No, not a crime. But gang behavior (propensity toward violence, turf wars, aggressive display tendencies) and the military appear to be more and more joined at the hip. And that seems to be a condoned union now that every concievable reason for being in Iraq has evaporated. In other words, what mission? And a lot more unnecessary dead. A cause for concern I'd say.

9/6/06 9:27 PM  

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