Saturday, June 03, 2006

NY Gets a 40% Cut in "Antiterrorism" Money

According to the NY Times the reason why Homeland Insecurity withheld the dough was because the city faxed the application in instead of emailing it:

"Federal officials said yesterday that the city had not only done a poor job of articulating its needs in its application, but had also mishandled the application itself, failing to file it electronically as required, instead faxing its request to Washington.
City and state officials insisted that they had made no mistakes. And a state official provided a written acknowledgment from the federal government saying that the city's application for grant money had been "successfully submitted" and said that the city could "log in" any time to view the application."

Forget that the funding, our tax dollars, probably gets swallowed up by bureaucracy and spiffy new swat gear for the paramilitary police units. Hopefully some of it gets used in a positive manner. Mostly it's just more politics.
But somehow this idiotic reasoning just sort of, um, fits the swine in Washington.

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Blogger Lesley said...

Our tax dollars at work.

3/6/06 4:14 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

And you just KNOW that NY is getting punished for being too liberal and too minority, and for not showing the repugs a better time when they conventioned there 2 years ago.
Chertoff's America isn't our America.

3/6/06 6:12 AM  

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